The SPECTRA DEW 350 ELECTRIC BREAST PUMP has been trusted by hospitals overseas and raved about by mothers worldwide. The Spectra Dew 350 Electric Breast Pump boasts:

    • Whisper quiet operation
    • Double pumping action: simply add an extra Breast Shield Set*
    • Back-flow Prevention Filters that create a closed system
    • BPA-free attachments
    • Gentle pumping motion
    • A pumping speed of 46RPM, designed to simulate the natural rhythm of a baby at the breast
    • Hospital-grade quality in the comfort of your own home or office
    • A one-year quality guarantee.

* The Breast Shield Set does not contain a second bottle. You could either purchase a set of Spectra Storage Bottles, or use your own standard-sized, narrow-necked bottle as a second bottle to pump into. A third alternative is to use the adaptor rings that come with the Breast Pump and Breast Shield Set, which enable you to pump directly into certain popular brands of wide-necked bottles.

Spectra Disposable Breast Milk Bags

The double-wall designed bags are manufactured of Polyethylene and are BPA-free.Spectra’s Disposable Breast Milk Bags are an easy, convenient, and space-saving way to store your precious breast milk. They are pre-sterilised, so you simply tear them open, pour in the milk, and seal by closing the zipper. As soon as the bag starts filling with milk, the bottom expands so that the bag stands upright by itself in your fridge or freezer. Calibration marks are printed on the bags, as well as a space to fill in the date and time so that you remember to use the oldest milk first.

Each box contains 30 Milk Storage Bags.

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