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The reliable, effective, and comfortable Spectra Dew 350 Electric Breast Pump is so quiet that you would be able to express milk in your office without disturbing anyone. Spectra breast pumps were initially manufactured for hospitals only, and it is this same hospital-grade technology that has been applied in the Dew 350. The Dew 350 comes equipped with disposable back-flow prevention filters, so there is no need to worry that breast milk particles will cause growth of mould and contamination in the motor unit. All attachments that come into contact with your milk, are BPA free. The Dew 350 comes with a one-year quality guarantee.


An additional set of attachments (Spectra Breast Shield Set, Spectra Breast Milk Storage Bottles, and Spectra Bottle Stand) instantaneously converts your Dew 350 into a double pump. Double pumping not only saves time and effort, but also helps to maintain your milk supply, particularly if you are separated from your baby for long periods at a time or your baby can for some reason not drink directly from the breast. The Dew 350 has been designed to imitate a baby’s suckling as closely as possible. It pumps very gently and comfortably at a speed of 46 cycles per minute. Its suction can be gradually adjusted to where it exactly fits your comfort level. The Dew 350 is easy to use and clean, and a great help to working mothers and moms of preemies alike.


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